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AIGA Mentorship: Social Concious Design

Lure Fresh Eye for Design Award

This project is a mixture of my love for graphic design and the LGBTQ+ community. I identify as nonbinary and this project was directly inspired by some of the struggles. On the surface, my project was about making clothes, but ultimately it went much deeper than that. This line is focused on bold expressive clothing rooted in LGBT history. I designed a tag on the sleeve that allows individuals to display their pronouns, at their own discretion. The design of the t-shirts was all based on LGBTQ+ movements and activists. The patterns I developed were to signify identity and the journey that LGBTQ+ individuals face towards self-acceptance.



PRETTYHANDSOME is inspired by breaking free from traditional societal gender norms in society. Gender norms and fashion go hand in hand. Our mission is to encourage expression by creating meaningful clothes that allows individuals to dress for themselves. It will promote an inclusive lifestyle and work with the community to provide representation for those not typically represented. The goal of this brand will be to break these barriers and directly benefit the LGBTQ+ people, specifically those struggling with gender identity.


The primary target audience for this campaign would be nonbinary people, members of the queer community, and people interested in streetwear. In line with our mission of inclusivity, our clothes are meant for everyone.


1.2 million people currently identify as nonbinary in the USA. 68% of nonbinary individuals report being financially insecure, and LGBTQ+ people face unique barriers to receiving adequate mental health care. In support of the main mission, each item would be made with the intent of giving back to the LGBTQ+ community to help provide necessary resources and fight harmful anti-LGBTQ legislation.


Each shirt features a double sided tag on the sleeve. The outside tag will have the logo facing outwards. However, the inside will display pronouns. This allows people to show their pronouns when the wearer feels comfortable doing so. This gives people freedom to express themselves and provides representation for nonbinary individuals and those that are often misgendered.

“Sharing your pronouns provides a safe
space for trans and nonbinary people.”

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