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Greetings, I am Ariel, a professional graphic designer with a passion for learning and perfecting my craft. I hold a degree in Emerging Media from the University of Central Florida, where I focused on creating impactful designs that contribute to positive social change.

As a designer, I believe that design is not just about creating visually stunning works, but also about making a meaningful impact on society. I strive to use my talents to uplift marginalized voices and promote social justice.

Outside of my professional pursuits, I enjoy reading non-fiction books to expand my knowledge and spending time with my beloved pets. I am dedicated to using my skills and expertise to create designs that not only meet the needs of clients but also create positive change in the world.


If you are looking for a designer who is passionate about making a difference and delivering exceptional results, let's connect and collaborate on a project together.

< Download a copy of my resume here to see my prior experience.

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